Friday, May 27, 2016

Corey's Floors Suggest 5 Renovations to Make Your Home Look Brand-New #FiveFriday


In the midst of the spring season and summer quickly approaching, people love to begin work on the exterior of their home. Whether it be gardening, lawn maintenance, or outdoor furniture it becomes a necessity for the outdoor appearance. But everyone can admit there’s nothing like taking care of the interior of your home. An interior renovation can breathe new life and make it feel brand new. Of course we care about the outer appearance of our home, but when you step inside this is where it can truly make a difference with just some subtle changes. Corey’s Floors owner, Jeff Corey, has offered five go-to renovations to really rejuvenate your nest.

1.      Flooring

The first renovation that can really make an impact, would have to be changing your flooring. Of course some people have a preference for carpet, but Jeff suggests that if this is your “forever home” then hardwood is the way to go. Throughout home renovations, there is a popularity growing with hardwood that can make all the difference. Though hardwood is more expensive than carpet, the investment is worth it since hardwood can last a lifetime with proper care. Carpet might only last about five to ten years, however, if you are on a smaller budget then refinishing or cleaning could be a simpler step and still have an impact.


2.       Bathroom

Did you know that in a lifetime you will spend over 92 days in the bathroom? So obviously with so much time spent there, the next renovation should be the bathroom. Jeff has seen a push recently for people modernizing their commode. One nice feature to really modernize the room would be the shower. People are now moving away from the classic tub and shower head, and have begun a trend for the walk-in shower with multiple jets. Forget about just soaking in the tub after a stressful day, and enjoy a pulsating shower head that can massage all your worries away.

3.       Kitchen

People have said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not pump some new life into that heart with just a few changes. You don’t need to strip out the whole kitchen to have it look brand new. Besides just updating appliances, Jeff offers that installing new cabinets can make all the difference. Replace those old cabinets you’ve had since you moved in, with a modern wood grain look that can quickly draw attention. Cabinets are not what they used to be, so you know longer have to yell at the kids, “stop slamming the cabinet doors” since new cabinets have a self-closing feature.

4.       Stairs

Stairs may not be an obvious renovation for most people, and has never even crossed their mind, but a brand-new set of stairs is the perfect way to change the look of a home. Wouldn’t you love to tell people that you installed a custom stair case with oak hardwood? Jeff is very excited to announce that custom staircases are becoming a major focus for his company and have really helped his customers’ homes shine. Another major benefit with having new stairs, is that it actually increases the value of your home.

5.       Moldings


Painting is usually the first step when people think about renovation, but to set your room apart even more would be to install beautiful moldings in whichever room you prefer. Jeff states that many people are going to crown moldings, especially as an added decorative piece for custom living rooms. Also adding chair rails can add depth to the room and allow you to even go with two colors on the wall to have a nice contrast.


Now these five renovations are guaranteed to make you feel like you just moved in to a new home. Also if you’re not the "do it yourself" type then Jeff Corey is only a phone call away to handle all of these renovations and more. Corey’s Floors prides itself on being a family owned company that has been around for thirty-seven years. With that much experience you can’t get any better service. Jeff states that unlike the big-box stores, he cares about his customers and treats every home like it’s his own. Every aspect of the company is family oriented having had all four of his sons work with him and still has the two youngest, Danny and Steve, help run the company. Also his wife, Carol Corey, is the Vice President running operations. So give Jeff Corey (610-368-8477) a call and see what sets them apart, and enjoy the luxury of the “Shop at Home” service with free estimates.

Corey’s Floors
Jeff Corey (owner)



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