Monday, July 18, 2016

On June 30th, the Senate voted 47 to 3 and the House voted 144 to 54 to approve the final Budget Bill, SB1073.  The total for the overall spending plan for SB1073 is $31.62 billion, which is actually an increase following a move by the Senate to transfer $95 million a Commonwealth Financing Authority, a bonding authority. As reported by the Morning Call, the final budget includes:

·         An increase of Education Funding by 6 percent, or $665.2 million, for a total of $11.7 billion. Nearly half of that increase will go to cover rising pension costs for public school employees, while an additional $200 million from the increase will go to the state's per-pupil subsidy, the Department of Education's largest expense.  T
·         $15 million for Opioid Addiction Funding. 
·         13 percent increase to $313 million for the Legislature. 
·         9 percent increase to $184 million for the Governor’s Office.
·         Plus, many of the Administration’s Agencies are also seeing a funding increase

However, the Governor let the legislation become law without his signature until the legislature passed a revenue package to fund SB1073. This was done via a rare Conference Committee on July 13th.  The Conference Committee report was approved in the Senate by a vote 28-22 and 116-75 in the House.

Revenue to balance the budget includes:
  •  $55.5 million in removing the sales tax vendor discount 
  • $431 million in increased cigarette taxes and $48.2 million in taxes levied on smokeless tobacco, along with $13.3 million in an e-cigarette tax, and $3.8 million in taxes from roll-your-own cigarettes.
  •  $46.9 million in subjecting digital downloads and streaming to the sales and use tax
  • $23 million in changes to the Bank Shares Tax
  • $15.8 million by expanding the personal income tax to include prizes won in Pennsylvania Lottery cash prizes
  • $28.5 million in a transfer from the Tobacco Settlement Fund
  • $20 million assumed from the Volkswagen settlement, and $37 million in balance transfers

Revenue also being used to balance the budget comes in the form of $149 million from liquor modernization and expanded gambling to include, $16.8 million from a two percent tax increase on table games, $100 million in a promised gaming expansion proposal, $50 million in a casino slots license fee in Philadelphia, and $24.8 million in tables games license fees.

As reported by Pennsylvania Legislative Services, the Fiscal Code also requires a $200 million loan to the General Fund from a surplus in the Pennsylvania Professional Liability Joint Underwriters Association, a non-profit created under the MCare law.

While the Chamber was disappointed to see sales tax vendor discount removed and the new tax on digital downloads, we thank the legislature to responding to our advocacy to not install a broad based tax increase or increase/expansion of the sales tax. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

5 Must-Do's While in the Job Market #FiveFriday


Spending time in the job market can be a challenging and anxious interval in life whether you are a recent graduate or in transition.  With many choices in technology for the job market, you may not know where to start or which strategy to focus on.  Everyone offers advice that they think answers your questions.  Monarch Staffing believes this period can be enjoyable and allow you to concentrate on which career to pursue.  Monarch can help make the search process easier and offers five “must-do” tips while job hunting.


1.       LinkedIn

Monarch Staffing suggests that if you are in the job market and not on LinkedIn, this is the first step.  Social media is a key aspect of the job market, and 92% of recruiters use social media to find job applicants. Specifically, 87% used LinkedIn to reach the right candidate.  It is the perfect social media platform for the job market because it focuses on business rather than social life.  Monarch recommends creating your LinkedIn profile to highlight your work experience section by describing your accomplishments and quantifying how your work improved the company during your employment.  LinkedIn allows subscribers to request recommendations from prior employment connections, adding to your LinkedIn profile.  This really gets a potential employer’s attention. 

2.       Referrals


The next step is to let people know you are in the job market.  In conversation, make everyone aware that you are currently looking for a job.  It is also suggested to go out and meet people through networking events.  Besides looking for jobs online, networking events can advance your search.  LinkedIn can help with referrals as well by viewing your connections and requesting introductions.  Also using a staffing agency, like Monarch, is a great way to get the word out about yourself to other employers.


3.       Résumé Update


A new method of job searching has developed because there are so many online career platforms.  It is called the “shotgun” style and involves sending résumés to every job available for which you qualify.  Monarch Staffing does not recommend this style.  They advise to self-assess and understand your career goals in the interim.  It is strongly suggested to place an elevator pitch at the top of your résumé to catch immediate attention.  Since most hiring managers only briefly review résumés, it is necessary to update your résumé including an easy to read list of specific skills.


4.       Target Companies/Industry

This is the time to do your homework on which companies you want to work for by researching the industry for background information.  Company research will be useful upon interviewing providing an understanding of the history and culture of the business.  You will also be prepared to ask questions about the job and company during the interview.  Industry research can be used as a career guide by helping you aim and recognize your employment search goals.
5.       Know Your Brand
Social media can be a wonderful tool while you are in the job market, but you also need to be aware how others view you through your social media pages. This means being aware of what aspects you post online and also the nature of pictures you are in. By understanding the image you want to project through social media can increase your chances when competing for a job. It is understood that all employers will view your social media pages to gain a better understanding of who you are, so always post responsibly.
Monarch Staffing suggests that these five steps will help guide you through your search in the job market, but if you would like even more guidance than they are always available to help. Recently celebrating their 15 year anniversary, Monarch Staffing is a very personalized staffing agency with a pain-free process that helps fit the “candidate to the culture of the company” rather than just the skill set. Monarch specializes in administrative and clerical staffing on a temporary, temp to hire and direct hire basis. The market is strong and they can be an advocate for you in your job search. With these five steps and the help of Monarch Staffing you will find yourself succeeding in the job market.
About the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce:
Founded in 1887, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce represents businesses' interests and issues affecting the community. We help Chamber members succeed through proactive outreach and partnering with all levels of government and community organizations through education, networking and collaboration to achieve a healthy economy to drive business forward. For more information on membership and how you can get involved, visit



Friday, June 3, 2016

5 Must Go-To Events in June #FiveFriday

With the Memorial Day weekend just passing, the summer has officially kicked off. We always try to make the most of the summer and have some memorable days, but sometimes we feel as if we fall short. Many run to the shore throughout the summer because they feel as if Delaware County does not provide many summer events, but that could not be farther from the truth. Delco has an array of activities for all ages during the summer. Whether you’re a night owl or prefer the crack of dawn, Delco has an event for you. Here are a few suggestions for the month of June.



Sports buff or not, this event fun for everyone. Come hear the roar of the crowd and listen to the entertaining chants of the “Sons of Ben”. While watching the game, you can see why the Philadelphia Union is becoming one of the most popular teams in the city. Come see the Union take on an Eastern Conference rival, the Chicago Fire. Also for Delco Night, there will be a discounted rate with tickets only costing $20, so invite everyone down to Talen Energy Stadium. For groups of 10 or more you will receive one autographed item, video board recognition, and chances to win game day experiences. Finally who doesn’t enjoy a great tailgate before the game? The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their own tailgate before Delco Night with food and beverages being provided by Pat’s Pizzeria and Sterling Pig Brewery.

Wednesday, June 22nd
7 PM
(Tailgate 4:30 PM)


2.       Dining Under the Stars


Experience al fresco dining at its best and stroll the iconic State St. of Media. While attending the night, you can experience delicious cuisine and shop some marvelous stores that make Media the perfect night out. Since the event closes State St. from Jackson to Orange St., you can stroll through the night without having to worry about traffic, and reminisce of the open-air cafes in Europe. With live entertainment throughout the night, you do not need to just sit and eat. Come tour Media and take in one of the most popular events in Delco.

Every Wednesday (throughout the summer)
5 PM – 11 PM




If nightlife is not your thing and you prefer the saying, “Early bird catches the worm” then the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is perfect for you. This event is great way to spend a summer morning just moseying through the array of tables offering a bounty of locally produced fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and breads. With so much popularity, the market attracts local and out of town shoppers throughout Delaware County.

Every Saturday (throughout the summer)
9 AM – 1 PM




This summer you can experience some amazing blues groups in Media too. With more than 20 bands performing in 23 indoor stages, you can walk your way through many popular bars and restaurants on State St. without having to pay a cover charge, with the purchase of a ticket.  To cap off the night, Shemekia Copeland, daughter of Johnny Copeland, will be headlining the festival and you can see how “the apple did not fall far from the tree.”

Saturday, June 11th
6 PM – 1 AM
Theatre & all venues:
$30 (by web only)
All venues except theatre:
$20 (thru 6/10)
$25 (on 6/11)
Under 21: FREE




With Marcus Hook kicking off its annual “Down By the River” music festival in the end of June, this could be the perfect night out during the week. The festival takes place at Market Square Memorial Park, with its beautiful summer atmosphere. Also the festival is FREE to the public. You can listen to some amazing acts through the summer. Kicking off the festival will be Stray Sounds, whose music spans over 5 decades playing funk, country, and rock playing old classics to new releases.

Tuesday, June 28th
7 PM


Check out these events happening in June throughout Delco, and experience why this county is the place to be during the summer. Make some lasting summer memories, and maybe even start some new traditions for the summer right here at home.



About the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce:

Founded in 1887, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce represents businesses' interests and issues affecting the community. We help Chamber members succeed through proactive outreach and partnering with all levels of government and community organizations through education, networking and collaboration to achieve a healthy economy to drive business forward. For more information on membership and how you can get involved, visit

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2016 Annual Membership Luncheon


[Springfield, PA]— On Wednesday, June 15 the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce will host its Annual Membership Luncheon at the Springfield Country Club. During the event fellow Chamber members will join to reflect on the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce 2015-2016 Year in Review. An array of sponsors for the event include: Destination Delco, LPL Financial, Main Line Today, Steger, Gowie & Co., Inc., WSFS Bank, AmeriHealth Caritas, Brinker, Simpson & Company, LLC, Crozer-Keystone Health System, DNB First, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, and Streamline Payroll, LLC who will help support and celebrate another successful year for the Chamber of Commerce.

Listen to District Attorney, Jack Whelan's keynote address after recognizing the Business Leadership Academy Class of 2016. Also help recognize the outgoing and incoming Chamber board members for the upcoming fiscal year.

Finally help honor this year’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Tore Fiore from Destination Delco. Tore has held many positions and is actively involved in many groups and organizations through the county such as: Chairman of Philadelphia & The Countryside, member of the Government Affairs Committee for the Pennsylvania Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus, member of the Public Relations Committee for the Pennsylvania Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Managing Director for Track Pack Pa, Executive Producer for Riverfront Ramble, Executive Producer for Walk for the Wounded, and is part of the Executive Committee for Forever Independent.

If interested in attending, you can register for the event at Event prices will be $45 for members and $60 for non-members.


About the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce:


Founded in 1887, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce represents businesses' interests and issues affecting the community. We help Chamber members succeed through proactive outreach and partnering with all levels of government and community organizations through education, networking and collaboration to achieve a healthy economy to drive business forward. For more information on membership and how you can get involved, visit

Friday, May 27, 2016

Corey's Floors Suggest 5 Renovations to Make Your Home Look Brand-New #FiveFriday


In the midst of the spring season and summer quickly approaching, people love to begin work on the exterior of their home. Whether it be gardening, lawn maintenance, or outdoor furniture it becomes a necessity for the outdoor appearance. But everyone can admit there’s nothing like taking care of the interior of your home. An interior renovation can breathe new life and make it feel brand new. Of course we care about the outer appearance of our home, but when you step inside this is where it can truly make a difference with just some subtle changes. Corey’s Floors owner, Jeff Corey, has offered five go-to renovations to really rejuvenate your nest.

1.      Flooring

The first renovation that can really make an impact, would have to be changing your flooring. Of course some people have a preference for carpet, but Jeff suggests that if this is your “forever home” then hardwood is the way to go. Throughout home renovations, there is a popularity growing with hardwood that can make all the difference. Though hardwood is more expensive than carpet, the investment is worth it since hardwood can last a lifetime with proper care. Carpet might only last about five to ten years, however, if you are on a smaller budget then refinishing or cleaning could be a simpler step and still have an impact.


2.       Bathroom

Did you know that in a lifetime you will spend over 92 days in the bathroom? So obviously with so much time spent there, the next renovation should be the bathroom. Jeff has seen a push recently for people modernizing their commode. One nice feature to really modernize the room would be the shower. People are now moving away from the classic tub and shower head, and have begun a trend for the walk-in shower with multiple jets. Forget about just soaking in the tub after a stressful day, and enjoy a pulsating shower head that can massage all your worries away.

3.       Kitchen

People have said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not pump some new life into that heart with just a few changes. You don’t need to strip out the whole kitchen to have it look brand new. Besides just updating appliances, Jeff offers that installing new cabinets can make all the difference. Replace those old cabinets you’ve had since you moved in, with a modern wood grain look that can quickly draw attention. Cabinets are not what they used to be, so you know longer have to yell at the kids, “stop slamming the cabinet doors” since new cabinets have a self-closing feature.

4.       Stairs

Stairs may not be an obvious renovation for most people, and has never even crossed their mind, but a brand-new set of stairs is the perfect way to change the look of a home. Wouldn’t you love to tell people that you installed a custom stair case with oak hardwood? Jeff is very excited to announce that custom staircases are becoming a major focus for his company and have really helped his customers’ homes shine. Another major benefit with having new stairs, is that it actually increases the value of your home.

5.       Moldings


Painting is usually the first step when people think about renovation, but to set your room apart even more would be to install beautiful moldings in whichever room you prefer. Jeff states that many people are going to crown moldings, especially as an added decorative piece for custom living rooms. Also adding chair rails can add depth to the room and allow you to even go with two colors on the wall to have a nice contrast.


Now these five renovations are guaranteed to make you feel like you just moved in to a new home. Also if you’re not the "do it yourself" type then Jeff Corey is only a phone call away to handle all of these renovations and more. Corey’s Floors prides itself on being a family owned company that has been around for thirty-seven years. With that much experience you can’t get any better service. Jeff states that unlike the big-box stores, he cares about his customers and treats every home like it’s his own. Every aspect of the company is family oriented having had all four of his sons work with him and still has the two youngest, Danny and Steve, help run the company. Also his wife, Carol Corey, is the Vice President running operations. So give Jeff Corey (610-368-8477) a call and see what sets them apart, and enjoy the luxury of the “Shop at Home” service with free estimates.

Corey’s Floors
Jeff Corey (owner)



About the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce:

 Founded in 1887, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce represents businesses' interests and issues affecting the community. We help Chamber members succeed through proactive outreach and partnering with all levels of government and community organizations through education, networking and collaboration to achieve a healthy economy to drive business forward. For more information on membership and how you can get involved, visit

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Study: Pipelines Can Help Fuel Manufacturing Revival
HARRISBURG, Pa. (May 18, 2016) – The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) today issued the following statements in response to a new study by IHS Economics and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Center for Manufacturing Research that reveals how domestic natural gas strengthens manufacturing and encourages U.S. manufacturing growth and employment.


The study, “Energizing Manufacturing: Natural Gas and Economic Growth,” notes that even as natural gas production reshapes the U.S. economy and redefines America’s competitive advantages, there is still room to grow, as there is a mismatch, geographically, in natural gas supply and demand. New pipeline and processing infrastructure will be keys to connecting new supply sources with new and growing sources of demand, especially in manufacturing sectors.


May 16-23 is national Infrastructure Week.


Trish McFarland, President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and a founding member of PEIA: “Pipelines connect gas fields in the western part of the state to processing facilities in eastern Pennsylvania. In other words, we’re all in this together. Pipelines are helping to fuel an economic and manufacturing revival in Pennsylvania. Nowhere is that more evident than in Delaware County, where developments in and around Marcus Hook are driving investments and creating jobs.”


Jeff Kotula, President of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and a founding member of PEIA: “Manufacturing used to be the bedrock of southwestern Pennsylvania’s economy and that sector is resurging today. We are witnessing a renaissance as new businesses and industries try to take advantage of the affordable, abundant energy supplies we have to offer. And this is only the beginning. Pipelines will provide increased opportunities for sustained economic growth for those interested in doing business in Pennsylvania.”


David E. Black, President & CEO of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC and a member of PEIA: “Area businesses and manufacturers have benefited from the cheaper energy prices made possible by Pennsylvania’s oil and gas reserves. We support the development of the safe and reliable energy infrastructure needed to ensure that economic growth in our region continues and that local businesses maintain their competitive advantage.”


Linda Thomson, President of JARI and a member of PEIA: “Pennsylvania’s shale plays are leading the revitalization of the commonwealth’s economy by boosting domestic energy production, lowering energy costs for consumers and creating family sustaining careers for residents. Manufacturing is a big part of our state’s economy and we must take the necessary steps to ensure its long-term vitality. It is time for Pennsylvania to take its place as a global energy leader and invest in modern energy infrastructure that helps grow our manufacturing industries, contributes to a strong economy and enhances the quality of life we enjoy.”


Stan LaFuria, Executive Director of the Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership and a member of PEIA: “Our region of central Pennsylvania has not capitalized on the tremendous growth of the natural gas industry because the region lacks the infrastructure needed by that industry. There are wells that have been drilled but they remain capped/non-producing because there is no infrastructure to capture the gas. We need natural gas line infrastructure that pipe natural gas reserves to markets. The development of energy infrastructure is pivotal to unlocking Pennsylvania’s economic potential and essential to ensuring our manufacturers and businesses remain competitive in their respective markets.”


The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, a broad-based coalition of labor, agriculture, manufacturing and other business interests that support private investment in pipeline and other energy infrastructure developments, was launched June 8 by the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Laborers International Union of North America and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 66. There are more than two dozen PEIA members today. Visit for more information, or go to Twitter @PAllies4Energy.
About the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce:
Founded in 1887, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce represents businesses' interests and issues affecting the community. We help Chamber members succeed through proactive outreach and partnering with all levels of government and community organizations through education, networking and collaboration to achieve a healthy economy to drive business forward. For more information on membership and how you can get involved, visit

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety Holds Program about Planning and Preparing for an Active Shooter


Delaware County Council, the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, and Neumann University discuss strategies on protecting business and employees from an active shooter situation

DELAWARE COUNTY- The Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety will hold a special public program about planning and preparing for an active shooter on Thursday, May 19 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon at Neumann University.

The program will provide public safety leaders, business owners and executives, and the general public with current information on the potential threat of an active shooter in the workplace and other public venues. Representatives from the Delaware County District Attorney's Office, Haverford and Radnor Township Police Department, and Allied Barton will be speaking during the program. The speakers will explain how to define a problem, preparation and prevention, situational awareness, and response.

“This new program will provide an opportunity to share the experience, expertise, resources and talents of our County’s public safety agencies, our business community, workforce, government and academia in a forum that can be used by the public and larger community to promote safety and security,” said Mario Civera, Jr., Chairman of Delaware County Council. 


Public safety leaders from the public and private sector-those that are tasked with preventing, preparing for, and responding to incidents involving an active shooter-will share how they mitigate risk and the importance of maintaining situational awareness during events. Participants will also learn about the resources available from local, county, state and federal public safety partners.


“Neumann University and our Center for Leadership Development are thrilled to play the role of administering and coordinating the efforts of the Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety,” said Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda, President of Neumann University.  “We look forward to hosting this upcoming program, along with a number of future educational summits for the public and community leaders that will identify threats, promote best practices, educate the community, and improve collaboration.”


Registration is free and open to the public, however space is limited to the first 300 registrants. There is no charge to attend the event and a light breakfast will be provided during check-in from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Advanced registration is required and can be completed online on the Partnership for Public Safety website at

About the Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety
The partnership is a new collaboration between Neumann University, Delaware County Council, the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office and the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce to promote, support and sustain a culture of safety and security in Delaware County for businesses, institutions and community organizations. Over the course of the next year, the Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety envisions hosting four public educational summits to identify threats, promote best practices and improve collaboration among interested partners to educate the community on a variety of issues related to the safety of Delaware County residents.
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